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The Block Ice . product, Average Block


Tempering allows your Block Ice to warm up before use. Ice that hasn’t been tempered properly may crack when liquid touches it, giving the cube a flawed appearance. Tempering can also restore clarity to ice that has become frosty or freezer burnt, causing a cloudy appearance.

How to Temper Ice

You can temper your ice, allowing it to come to temperature in a refrigerator, an ice well, or in open-air until it becomes clear and wet.

Tempering time will vary depending on how much ice you are tempering and how cold the freezer was. However, plan for tempering to take roughly 5 minutes for a single cube. After just a few minutes, your ice will temper to crystal clear clarity.

DO NOT run your ice underwater to temper it. This can cause cracking.

Using Tempered Ice

Use your tempered ice within an hour or so, and serve it to customers or guests when it is clear. Tempered ice can be stored in an ice well, ice bucket, or refrigerator until it is used.