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Block Ice product, Average Block


Proper storage is essential to preserving the integrity of your Block Ice. In order to maintain the flawless clarity and quality of Block Ice, pay attention to the temperature and placement of your ice when storing it.


Your craft ice should be kept at a low, consistent temperature to maintain the integrity of the ice. 

For best results, ice should be stored between 0°F - 20°F, with optimal temperatures being around 0°F. At temperatures higher than 20°F, you risk the ice melting or losing its shape. However, also be careful not to let your freezer’s temperature dip too low. At temperatures below 0°F, the ice can become brittle and will take longer to temper.


Ice can pick up odors and unwanted flavor from nearby food, so be sure to store your craft ice in a closed container to maintain its purity. A secure container such as one of our Block Ice bags will maintain your ice’s clear, clean taste.


Your tempered Block Ice may be refrozen for future use. If you refreeze your ice, you will need to retemper before the next use. Remember to store your ice between 0°F and 20°F.

The key to successfully refreezing your ice is to store the cubes separately. Refreezing tempered cubes can cause them to stick together. This can be prevented by separating the cubes. If your artisan ice does stick together, gently use an ice pick or knife to separate the seams. The contact with the metal will cause the ice to split naturally. Do not hit the cubes as this could cause cracking.