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Block Ice product, Average Block


Our crystal-clear craft ice elevates every drink it’s introduced to. When served properly, these slow-melting, impurity-free cubes allow you to craft beautiful, delicious drinks. Discover the best way to serve your Block Ice.

Cube Selection

Ensure you’re choosing a cube size that’s appropriate for the beverage. Many bars and restaurants find it convenient to have a selection of Block Ice cube sizes on hand. Options include:

  • Trophy – This tall, narrow cube is an excellent choice for keeping highball drinks cool.
  • The Snug Cut –  This rectangular ice cube fits snugly inside short tumblers, making it perfect for slimmer lowball glasses.
  • The Block – This 2" cube is the perfect way to elevate old-fashioned or other drinks in a low tumbler glass. 
  • The Average Block – This 1.75" cube is ideal for many cocktails and glassware, helping you create a not-so-average beverage experience.
  • The Baby Block – Our smallest artisan ice cube is the perfect choice for small sips of whiskey, scotch, and other spirits.

Our retail variety packs include a selection of our most popular cuts, so you’re always prepared to serve your drinks over just the right ice.

Pouring Your Drink

When serving your Block Ice, don’t simply drop the cube into a full glass. Instead, begin with a tempered cube set into an empty glass. Next, fill the glass to the preferred level. By following these simple steps, you will preserve the integrity of your ice, while also allowing for maximum chill and minimal dilution.

If you have Block Ice that is personalized with a custom stamp for your restaurant, bar, wedding, or event, it is important to pour your drink around the sides of the cube, instead of directly over the top. Pouring to the side ensures that your stamp remains legible to customers and guests, providing for maximum impact.