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Block Ice product, Average Block


Preserve the integrity of your Block Ice by handling it with care. Yes, these blocks are solid! But they can also crack or break if mishandled. To keep the high-quality appeal of this ice for your event guests or bar customers, you’ll want to handle it well to prevent cracks or chips before you serve it.

When handling your Block Ice, take the following steps to ensure it remains crystal clear:

  • Store it in a sealed container to prevent the ice from becoming contaminated by any other items in the freezer
  • Do not hit the cubes. If they freeze together, separate by pressing a knife or an ice pick into the seam
  • Do not run the cubes under water to temper them, as this can cause cracking
  • Use serrated tongs when handling your ice to prevent damage

Serrated ice tongs will help you ensure your cubes get from the freezer to the glass in top condition. Serrated tongs help grip the ice firmly without chipping or cracking it. This helps to prevent the ice from slipping or being dropped. Ice tongs are also a helpful hygiene practice to ensure that bartenders do not need to touch the ice.

Handling your artisan ice properly ensures that it maintains its beautiful quality for your patrons and guests.