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Custom Ice Stamping | Block Ice

Stamping Stamping Dazzle your event guests and bar customers with a customized cocktail experience. Your ice can be tailor-made for you with custom stamping, providing an elegant, upscale experience.

Handling Clear Ice | Block Ice

Handling Handling Preserve the integrity of your Block Ice by handling it with care. Yes, these blocks are solid!

How to Temper Ice | Block Ice

Tempering Tempering Tempering allows your Block Ice to warm up before use. Ice that hasn’t been tempered properly may crack when liquid touches it, giving the cube a flawed appearance.

Serving Clear Craft Ice | Block Ice

Serving Serving Our crystal-clear craft ice elevates every drink it’s introduced to. When served properly, these slow-melting, impurity-free cubes allow you to craft beautiful, delicious drinks.

Storing Clear Ice | Block Ice

Storing Storing Proper storage is essential to preserving the integrity of your Block Ice. In order to maintain the flawless clarity and quality of Block Ice, pay attention to the temperature and placement of your ice when storing it.