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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Craft Ice?

Craft ice is a necessity in any elegant drink. Block Ice's artisanal cubes are crystal clear and slow-melting, adding beauty to your drinks while keeping them colder longer. Our ice is meticulously filtered to remove any impurities, so that it doesn’t interfere with the taste of your cocktail.

How is Craft Ice Made?

Block Ice's clear ice is hand-crafted with a process designed to deliver ice of the highest quality and beauty. First, the water is meticulously filtered using a 6x reverse osmosis filtration system that removes any impurities. It is then frozen in a specialized Clinebell freezer for over 36 hours to create a 300-pound block of crystal clear ice. Finally, each cube is hand-carved to create the perfect shape for your favorite cocktail.

How Long Will Craft Ice Last?

When properly stored, Block Ice will last in your freezer for many months, although we're willing to bet you’ll be eager to use it long before then! 

Once tempered, your clear craft ice will keep your drink cold for 2-3x longer than a regular cube would.

How Do I Separate Ice That Is Stuck Together? 

If your ice becomes stuck together, do not hit the cubes or run them under hot water, as this could cause cracking. Instead, gently use an ice pick or a knife to separate the seams. The contact with metal will cause the ice to split naturally.

What Do I Do if My Ice is Cloudy? 

If your craft ice becomes frosty or cloudy in the freezer, it may be freezer burnt. Tempering the ice, or letting it come to temperature, can help restore its clarity. Let your ice warm up, but do not run it under hot water, as this may cause it to crack.

How Do I Order Ice?

Are you ready to step up your cocktail game? Craft ice adds value to any drink by enhancing its beauty and quality. Order craft cocktail ice from The Block Ice . for your bar, restaurant, or event through our website. Submit an online order form or give us a call at (707) 721-2383.