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By Block Ice | January 9, 2024

As a hospitality business, you may wonder: what sets Block Ice apart from the ice typically served at restaurants and bars?

At first glance, you notice that the cubes are perfectly clear, creating a stunning visual effect that helps to add to the beverage’s perceived value. Oversized cubes that are unadulterated, flavorless, odorless, and perfectly transparent provide a cocktail experience most consumers can’t replicate at home. This creates a novel and memorable experience for your patrons.

Because of its unique appearance, adding clear ice to your drinks can become a part of your brand that customers will be eager to post to social media. It makes your drinks uniquely yours. Whether you choose oversized blocks or infused blocks, your patrons can begin to associate the ice in their glass with your brand.

Custom logo-stamped cubes up the ante by providing another opportunity for strong branding that helps create a more consistent consumer experience. Sharing images of your product, particularly if the cube has your logo stamped on it, creates the best kind of marketing — organic, word-of-mouth marketing sharing your product and brand. This raises brand awareness with a new audience of your patron’s followers and friends.

However, the taste of our cubes is where Block Ice craft ice goes from liquid to legendary. Read on to learn more about how we accomplish making stunning artisan ice that tastes impossibly pure.

What Makes Craft Ice Different?

Our handcrafted artisan Block Ice is filtered multiple times through a reverse osmosis system that removes all impurities, odors, unpleasant flavors, and air bubbles by pushing the water through a semipermeable membrane. Once filtered, the water is frozen for over thirty-six hours. Now it’s ready to be hand-cut to create an elegant, perfect cube that will enhance any drink.

How Does it Taste in Drinks?

Craft ice is clean, pristine, and slow melting, allowing you to mix a high-end drink where the first sip and the last will be equally delectable.

The flavor quality is further enhanced by the filtering and removal of impurities, which also renders beautiful clarity in every cube. Craft ice has a clear, crisp finish that won’t water down or add unwanted flavor to high-end cocktails and beverages.

The volume of Block Ice cubes is what imparts this slow-melting quality. This creates a resilient ice cube that won’t interfere with the taste of the liquor. While melting ice may be palatable, Block Ice has less surface area compared to a handful of normal-sized ice cubes, which means less dilution of your drink.

Taste what all the fuss is about and try handcrafted artisan Block Ice for yourself. Once you’ve tasted the difference, you’ll want to prepare a cocktail program your guests will surely be raving about! ​

How to Get Craft Ice for Your Hotel, Bar, or Restaurant    

Do you want to create a luxury cocktail experience for your patrons? Block Ice serves hospitality businesses in Northern California locations, including Sacramento, Napa, Stockton, Lake Tahoe, and more. 

Place your Block Ice order online or contact us at (707) 721-2383 to learn more about customizing your craft ice cubes with custom stamps or infusions for an unforgettable cocktail experience.