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By Block Ice | December 8, 2020

Image Credit: Anna Wick Photography

Crystal clear craft ice makes a stunning difference in a cocktail. It’s perfectly transparent and beautiful, the perfect complement to a high-class cocktail. It also melts 2 to 3 times slower than a traditional cube which controls how fast a cocktail dilutes with melting ice, maintaining the drink’s integrity.

Have you ever wondered how craft ice is made, or the steps that result in a perfectly clear cube? We’re taking you behind the scenes into our week-long process that results in a dazzling clear cube that enhances your favorite beverage. This is how The Block Ice goes from liquid to legendary.

How Craft Ice is Made

Step 1: Filter
The first step in a Block Ice cube’s journey is filtration. The filtration system we use meticulously filters the water using a 7 times reverse osmosis filtration system.

Reverse osmosis helps remove one of the culprits that keep an ice cube from being completely clear – impurities in the water itself. Our reverse osmosis filter pushes the water through a semipermeable membrane, thoroughly removing any impurities.

When water is forced through this membrane it catches any unwanted molecules and larger particles, allowing only pure water to pass through. This advanced filtration system helps create a clear, perfect ice cube that won’t interfere with the taste of your beverage.

Step 2: Freeze
Once filtered, the water is carefully frozen for over 36 hours in a specialized freezer known as a Clinebell Block Ice Maker. (This type of freezer is also used to make blocks for ice sculptures!)

The Clinebell freezer provides constant, subtle movement as it freezes. Movement helps prevent bubbles from forming in the ice; these air bubbles are the other cause of cloudiness in an ice cube. This process maintains the ice’s clarity and quality, resulting in a 300-pound block of crystal clear ice.

Step 3: Cut
The resulting 300-pound ice cube is then carved to form the two-inch cubes and Collins Spears used in your cocktails. At Block Ice, our cubes are carved by hand to ensure each one is perfectly formed.

Step 4: Customize
The final step in this process takes a great piece of ice and a great cocktail to a truly memorable customer experience. We can stamp your ice with your logo, initials, or another feature. This stamp will be embedded in every cube, greeting your customers with a fun, engaging brand experience.

This stamp is applied to the frozen ice at the end of the process. It works much like a brand, melting just enough of the ice to embed the image on the cube’s surface.

We pay careful attention to each step in this process to ensure that the ice cubes in your glass are crystal clear and of the highest quality. If you’re ready to upgrade your cocktail program, order your handcrafted ice with the Block Ice . Request pricing now.