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By Block Ice | December 5, 2022

Shhh… there’s a new speakeasy coming to Roseville.

If you know where to find it.

Daniello’s Steakhouse Brings Speakeasy Experience to Roseville

Daniello’s Steakhouse is a steakhouse and speakeasy that’s been five years in the making. But the wait is finally over because Daniello’s is set to debut in mid-December.

Throwing open its (hidden) doors in Downtown Roseville, Daniello’s restaurant and bar is the brainchild of restaurateur Michael McDermott, who also owns the adjacent Italian-themed restaurant The Place.

Passerbys may not even realize that the storefront penny candy store located at 229 Vernon Street is just a front for the speakeasy-style bar with a hidden entrance. McDermott has said that guests will use a secret phrase to gain access to the bar, which will serve unique cocktails—over our artisan Block Ice—drinks, and tapas.

The upstairs steakhouse will serve a prix fixe menu featuring up to 6 courses.

Michael McDermott named Daniello’s for his great-grandfather, whose surname was changed when he came to Ellis Island.

This wasn’t the only inspiration behind the hidden bar and reservation-only restaurant. McDermott has said that he pulled inspiration from a line from Willy Wonka that has become his mantra for the restaurant:

“little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous”

Daniello’s Latest Speakeasy on Sacramento Scene

Daniello’s is just the latest speakeasy to appear in the Sacramento region, joining gin joints such as Sacramento’s The Roost, Roseville’s Blue Parrot Lounge, the Lincoln Speakeasy Taproom, and more.

What’s behind the growing popularity of these secret (or not-so-secret) establishments?

Speakeasies first came on the scene during the Prohibition era when the sale and consumption of alcohol were illegal. These hidden bars, which were often located in secret or disguised locations, allowed people to drink alcohol without fear of being caught by the authorities. Because of their secretive nature, speakeasies were often seen as exciting, illicit, glamorous, and even dangerous, which only added to their appeal.

Today, speakeasies are trending because they offer a unique and nostalgic experience that harkens back to the Prohibition era.

Today’s modern speakeasies are designed to recreate the atmosphere of the original speakeasies, with secret entrances, hidden bars, and vintage decor. Additionally, many of these establishments offer unique and creative cocktails you won’t find elsewhere.

The combination of secrecy, sophistication, and unique drinks make speakeasies popular among those seeking a one-of-a-kind drinking experience.

Will you venture into Roseville to try to find Daniello’s? When you do, be sure to enjoy your cocktail or spirit served over an oversized artisan cube of Block Ice (and tell them we sent ya.)

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