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By Block Ice | October 16, 2023

If there’s one certainty in the world of beverages, it’s the allure of clear ice. But does a slightly cloudy ice cube truly impact your drink? If the ice emits an unpleasant odor or alters your drink’s texture, even the most expertly crafted cocktails can fall flat. The good news? Upgrading to clear ice is a breeze, and it might just be the savior your drink needs.

Understanding Cloudy Ice

The ice you typically use at home will probably have a cloudy appearance, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s simply how ice forms naturally. Ever seen a completely transparent glacier? When ice forms, either in nature or in your freezer, it solidifies gradually. This slow process creates a clear crystalline structure that can encase any impurities it encounters. These impurities often include tiny air pockets and minerals, especially in hard water. As the ice solidifies, these elements are pushed inward from the freezing point, leading to the cloudiness we often see.

Crafting Clear Ice in Your Kitchen

Achieving clear ice revolves around controlling the freezing process and using purified water. But if you’re without an osmosis system or a specialized freezer, how can you produce clear ice? There are countless ways to get into your own kitchen and start experimenting with your ice, especially if you’re equipped with the right tools, some patience, and plenty of bar towels for clean-up.

Insulated Ice Molds

The key to clear ice lies in managing the freezing direction and rate. Insulated and lidded ice molds are an affordable and simple starting point. Take a look at’s Top 6 Ice Trays. Bear in mind, though, that optimal results often demand a bit of patience and foresight, especially if you’re prepping for a party.

Water Purification

For the most consistent clear ice, combine filtered water with an insulated ice mold. While some filters can be on the pricier side, there are several budget-friendly and user-friendly options suitable for any home. Stripping the water of as many contaminants and as much air as you can is the secret to achieving that sought-after crystal clarity.

Alternate Methods for Clear Ice

While the cooler method is a popular choice, there are other ways to achieve clear ice. One such method involves using a silicone ice cube tray with holes punched into the bottom of each cube. By placing this tray on a small riser inside a cooler and filling it with warm water, you can achieve clear ice cubes. This method requires a bit more effort and specialized equipment, but the results are worth it. A Couple Cooks provides a detailed tutorial on this method.

The Art of Shaping Ice

Shaping ice is an art form that some bartenders have mastered. While the primary goal is to achieve clear ice, the shape of the ice can also enhance the aesthetics of a cocktail. Using tools like an ice pick, you can create beautifully irregular edges or shapes. There are numerous resources available, such as videos and articles, that delve into the intricacies of shaping ice if you want to test your artistic flair.

Where to Buy Clear Artisan Ice for Your Home Bar

How do the bars and restaurants do it? Are they DIY-ing artisan ice cubes in the middle of their busy kitchens? Though there are some bars and restaurants that produce their own ice blocks in-house, most purchase their cubes from craft ice companies.

As you probably surmised from above, making your own ice can be a laborious process, and its much easier (and surprisingly affordable) to purchase restaurant-quality craft ice for your own home bar.

If you’re in Northern California, you can find the same Block Ice used at your favorite local bars and Michelin-rated restaurants at a Nugget Market!

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Clear ice not only elevates the visual appeal of a cocktail but also ensures that the drink remains undiluted and unadulterated. When you’re springing for the best cocktail ingredients and quality barware, the last thing you want to do is water it down with low-quality ice.

Upscale your cocktail games with restaurant-quality clear ice and you’ll notice a clear improvement in your drinks.