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By Block Ice | May 19, 2021

Image Credit: Anna Wick Photography

There are a hundred little decisions to be made when planning your wedding, not the least of which is deciding how to stock the bar. Choosing fun signature cocktails is a simple way to manage serving liquor at your wedding.

A full bar can become challenging to manage and moderate, but offering a couple of signature cocktails to your guests makes it easy to know what supplies you need to stock your bar with, plus it gives you a sweet opportunity to theme your drinks for your big day!

How to Choose Signature Cocktails Your Wedding Guests Will Adore

How Many Signature Drinks Do You Need?
Often a wedding will have two signature cocktails – one for each spouse.

This lets you create different drinks with distinct flavor profiles to appeal to a wider variety of your guests, without the logistical concerns that can come from trying to provide a full bar.

Which Liquors Should You Use?
To make sure everyone on your guest list can find a drink they love, choose cocktails with different base spirits. It’s recommended that you have one clear liquor and one brown liquor to cater to the widest number of pallets.

For example, create one drink with vodka, gin, white rum, or tequila. Then you can balance that out by selecting whiskey, bourbon, or dark rum for the other.

Choosing Flavors Everyone Will Love
Much like you want to offer a choice of different liquors, you also want to offer distinct flavors. For example, pair a sweet drink and a more herbaceous or bitter drink. As they say, opposites attract!

The season your wedding takes place in can also inform the flavors you choose. For example, if it’s August in California, you’ll need refreshing drinks! Think mojitos and whiskey highballs. If it’s autumn or winter, warm your guests with drinks like an Old Fashioned or a Moscow Mule.

Opt For A Drink That Fits Your Aesthetic
Your wedding isn’t the place for a fishbowl drink with a crazy straw. (Unless, of course, that’s the vibe you’re going for, in which case – cheers.) Your signature cocktails should have the right aesthetic to match the rest of your wedding. How do you create a cocktail that embodies the vibe of your wedding? Think glasses, garnishes, and even craft ice cubes.

Serve your cocktail in glassware that fits the occasion. For some celebrations, that might be a drink served in a rustic mason jar, while others might opt for a classy cocktail in a champagne flute.

Choose the right finishing touches to complete your drink’s look. Choose a complimentary garnish, like an orange twist for an Old Fashioned or lemon for a French 75.

Artisan ice cubes are a wedding cocktail trend worth embracing. Artisan ice not only elevates the cocktail experience but can also add a custom touch. Couples are embellishing craft ice with their monograms and embedding garnishes like edible flowers or gold flakes directly into the ice. No detail is too small to overlook on your big day, even the cocktail ice!

How Much Liquor Do You Need?
When stocking your bar, consider the size of your guest list and how long your reception will be. Total Wine & More gives an easy-to-use rule of thumb: assume your guests will drink two drinks in their first hour and then one drink for each following hour.

So for a two-hour reception, you’d want three drinks per guest, for a four-hour reception, plan for five.

If you’re serving wine, beer, and liquor, it’s usually safe to assume that you’ll need about 50% wine, 20% beer, and 30% liquor.

Choose a Catchy Name
If you want to add a personal touch, try choosing a quirky name for your drinks! Just don’t go too far with this. Your guests will still want to know what they’re ordering.

Name your cocktails after yourself or your future spouse, or try a punny play on a classic cocktail name. You can also try other personal details, like your new last name, the name of your pet, or the name of a shared hobby to inspire your signature drink names.

For example, you could serve your guests an “Apple-y Ever After Martini” or “The Sarah Spritzer.”

Inspire Your Cocktail Menu
Looking for a little inspiration for your signature cocktails? We have some favorites!

For your light liquor sippers:

French 75




For those looking for something a little darker:

Old Fashioned

Whiskey Smash

Dark ‘n Stormy


Whatever drinks strike your fancy, pair them with crystal clear craft ice for an elegant finish. Reach out to the Block Ice to ask about ordering your ice with embedded elements or your initials stamped into the cubes.