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By Block Ice | July 1, 2022

Have you jumped on the stamped ice trend yet? Stamped ice is a process of stamping logos, monograms, symbols, or pictures into oversized artisan ice cubes. The resulting cube elevates any cocktail and infuses your brand or personal style into unexpected places during an event, party, and even casual get-togethers.

Here are five ways to use stamped ice to really impress your guests.

Stamped Ice for Your Wedding and Engagement Events

Personalized touches can make a wedding really special for the couple of honor and their guests. Stamped ice with the new couple’s monogram or wedding date is the perfect complement to a personalized wedding cocktail.

But you don’t have to wait until the big day to bust out this special touch. Bring out the personalized stamped ice for your engagement party, bachelor/ bachelorette events, bridal shower, and any other pre-wedding events, too!

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Elevate Your Party with Stamped Ice

Want to make your next party or special event look like a top-shelf occasion? Add stamped ice to your cocktail bar and really wow your guests. From family get-togethers to pool parties to black-tie affairs – or even a Halloween-themed party that’s equal parts spooky and glam — stamped ice is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

Stamped Ice for Business and Corporate Events

Now that global travel restrictions have been lifted, corporate retreats and travel are back in a big way. What better way to celebrate your corporate guests than adding special touches like stamped ice cubes featuring your company logo?

Not serving alcohol? No problem. Stamped ice can even elevate non-alcoholic beverages served at corporate events, such as iced coffee, lemonade, and sodas.

Like this stamped ice cube crafted by Block Ice featuring the logo of NFT social good company 1687, crafted for a celeb-filled Southern California party.

Add Value to Your Bar and Restaurant with Stamped Ice

Want to stand apart from the crowd and increase the perceived value of your bar or restaurant’s cocktails? Stamped ice is commonly found in upscale bars and restaurants. Stamp your bar logo or restaurant name into your oversized craft ice cubes, and increase the profit margins from your cocktail menu.

Sacramento’s Ro Sham Beaux Bar adds a touch of elegance to their bar with stamped Ice from Block Ice.

Stamped Ice for Your Home Bar

You don’t need a special occasion to elevate your cocktail with a personalized, stamped artisan ice cube. Stocking your home bar with artisan ice means you won’t have to worry about your home cocktails getting ruined by fast-melting, funky-tasting ice from the freezer. Craft ice cubes from Block Ice are 7x osmosis filtered and hand-carved in oversized blocks and spheres to keep your cocktail cold and unadulterated longer. Celebrate every day with personalized stamped ice cubes for your home cocktail experience.

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When it comes to personalized stamped ice, the sky is truly the limit. Contact Sacramento’s Block Ice for ideas about elevating your next occasion with logos, dates, monograms, and images that will make a truly unforgettable event.