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By Block Ice | June 13, 2023

Infused spirits have been on the scene for quite some time, but infused ice is just making its way around. It can upgrade your drink in a million different ways, slowly diffusing delicious flavors in your drink with fruit juices, teas, herbs, and aromatics, and the list goes on. Spirits and liqueurs are often made from these natural ingredients too, making the pairing of the two an immaculate combination. Check out a few of our favorite blends below! Wondering how to make sure your ice stays clear every time? Read our clear ice guide.

Vodka Tonic & Thyme + Grapefruit Juice Cubes

There’s no more iconic pairing than that of a smooth spirit and a refreshing tonic. That is, until it’s been paired with these thyme and grapefruit juice cubes. This vodka tonic combo is a classic to have on your mental menu and an easy go-to when hosting get-togethers or dinners. The thyme is fresh and floral, while the grapefruit helps to bring out the brightness typically found in a vodka tonic. There’s something to be said about not messing with a classic, but in this case, you’ll be glad you did.

Our fave vodka tonic recipe.

The Birds and The Bees & Marigold Petal + Coconut Milk Cubes

If it was good for us, it will be good for you. This cocktail pairing is a match made in heaven and your taste buds will agree. The Birds and The Bees sports a winner combo of chamomile, lemon, and gin, while the marigold and coconut milk cubes will help add a fragrant and creamy rounded finish. This drink is a unique marriage of flavors but one that will have people saying, “I’ll have what they’re having.”

Get the recipe here.

Mojito & Lime + Mint Cubes

This cocktail-cube concoction is one that we’re surprised isn’t served this way all the time. Everybody knows the beautiful pairing of rum, lime, and mint, but with this infused ice addition, you can kick this rating up to an 11/10. Everybody hates that watered-down taste of a cocktail near the end of its life, but with these infused cubes, your drink will stay as bright and fresh as when you first got it. Summer is finally upon us, so there is no better time to try it than the present!

Follow this recipe.

Tequila Spritzer & Cranberry + Rosemary Cubes

If you’re a fan of easy-to-make cocktails and want to add your unique twist - this is the drink-cube mix for you. Tequila spritzers typically tick all the boxes of a classic, refined cocktail and are super easy to make, only requiring tequila, club soda, lime, and simple syrup (or fruit juice). The cranberry and rosemary cubes are the key to taking this drink above and beyond. Adding fragrance and sweet floral notes to the background of this drink, both of these ingredients are musts to have infused in ice cubes for this cocktail as well as many others.

Check out this recipe.

Lemon Margarita & Blue Pea Flower Tea Cubes

For the piece de resistance, we thought we’d include a drink that not only will change the way you think about infused ice cocktails but also changes colors as well! This duo starts strong with a lemon margarita hitting all the right notes of citrus, sweetness, and tequila, but the real magic lies in the ice cubes. Blue Pea Flowers produce a dark blue colored tea when steeped, but when added to ice cubes and combined with the acidity of the margarita, it will color shift the drink with a gradient from light yellow to a gorgeous purple-blue.

The perfect recipe for your drinkable experiment.

Regardless if you’re changing the colors of your drink or just introducing new flavors, incorporating infused ice into your cocktail repertoire takes your drink experience to new heights. By infusing ice with various flavors like thyme and grapefruit juice, marigold petal and coconut milk, lime and mint, cranberry and rosemary, or blue pea flower tea, you can elevate classic cocktails and create unique flavor profiles that tantalize your taste buds. Combining natural ingredients in spirits and the infused ice cubes results in a harmonious and exquisite pairing. With these infused ice cocktail ideas, you can impress your guests and enjoy refreshing drinks that stay vibrant and flavorful until the very last sip. Don’t forget to check out our stock of infused cubes that are perfect for any wedding, special event, or even your home bar. Cheers to the endless possibilities of infused ice cocktails!