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By Block Ice | January 11, 2024

Image Credit: Anna Wick Photography

When your patrons enjoy a to-go meal or a night out, they have high expectations for their order. They’re looking for a unique experience, something they can’t create for themselves at home. Elevating your drinks with crystal clear ice is an excellent way to create that memorable experience for them. Learn how craft ice adds value to your drinks.

5 Ways Clear Ice Adds Value to Your Cocktail Program

It Creates A More Beautiful Drink

Craft ice adds beauty and prestige to a cocktail. The clarity it gives a drink creates a stunning visual effect that helps add to the drink’s perceived value.

Craft ice’s unique appearance is something many consumers won’t be able to achieve in their own homes, which adds to the patron’s experience. After all, if you’re paying $12 or $16 for a cocktail, you want it to be perfect.

Shares A Branded Experience

Because of its unique, memorable appearance, adding clear ice to your drinks can become part of your brand. It makes your drinks uniquely yours, whether that drink is at a restaurant in your franchise or in a plastic to-go cup. Custom logo-stamped cubes complete this branded experience.

When discussing how they transitioned their cocktail program to to-go service during the pandemic in an interview with, Block Ice’s client, The Snug, shared, “when you look down and there’s a coaster from the bar and stamped ice and it looks just like the one you had at the bar, there’s something really comforting about that.”

That stamped ice cube brands the drink as your product and helps create a more consistent experience for your patrons.

Encourages Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A visually stunning drink will have guests eager to snap a picture for social. Sharing images of your product, particularly if the cube has your logo stamped on it, creates the best kind of marketing – organic, word-of-mouth marketing sharing your product and brand. This raises brand awareness with a new audience of your patron’s followers and friends.

Adds Opportunity for Themed Events

Clear ice blocks can be integral to themed events or special occasions at bars. You can incorporate themed shapes or infusions within the ice for holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. This not only makes the event more immersive and entertaining but also demonstrates your commitment to creating an excellent environment for your customers, hopefully leading to more regulars.

Enhances Cocktail Taste

Clear craft ice can also contribute to the quality of a cocktail by enhancing the taste. These large cubes are made with clear, filtered water, and their large size makes them slow melting. This creates a slower-melting ice cube that won’t interfere with the taste of the liquor. Any whiskey enthusiast who has ever ordered a drink only for it to be watered down within 15 minutes will appreciate the value of quality, slow-melting ice.

Clear ice can help your cocktails stand out, both to in-person guests and those ordering takeout. Are you ready to elevate your cocktail program? Request pricing now.

This blog was updated in January 2024 to include up-to-date information. It was originally published in 2020.