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By Block Ice | July 29, 2021

Your wedding is a day to gather with those you love most to celebrate your partnership – you want it to be elegant and memorable. Make your big day one for the history books by adding personal touches to your wedding that celebrate your unique love story.

Below, discover 10 of our favorite ways to personalize your wedding.

10 Personal Touches to Add to Your Wedding

The Outfits

When you reflect on your wedding day decades from now, your wedding wardrobe will be one of the things you remember the most. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the traditional white ball gown. Choose an outfit you feel comfortable in, whether that’s a suit, a jumpsuit, or a gown in an eye-catching color.

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony follows old cultural traditions, and many ceremonies follow a simple formula - you walk down the aisle, exchange vows, kiss, and exit with your new spouse.

If you’re concerned about the ceremony feeling too formulaic, there are many excellent ways to customize it for you and your partner.

For a personal touch, consider:

  • Asking a dear friend or family member to officiate
  • Writing your own vows
  • Involve beloved pets
  • Choose unique music for your walk down the aisle

The Food

When you think of a reception dinner, you might picture a menu featuring chicken or fish. To add a more personal touch to your dinner, seek out more customized catering options.

You could have a food truck at your reception, or recreate the meal you had on your first date. From dessert trucks to pretzel bars, there are many ways to tailor your meal to better reflect who you are as a couple.

The Cocktails

The beverages you choose for your wedding are another opportunity to create a fun, custom experience. Try choosing a couple of signature cocktails, one for each spouse. These can be your favorite drinks, recreations of the cocktails you had when you got engaged, or another meaningful beverage. Pair that with wine or beer from your favorite local winery or craft brewery.

The Ice

Enhance your signature cocktails by incorporating clear craft ice. Artisan ice is becoming an increasingly popular way to elevate your wedding by adding an elegant detail your guests will love.

Block Ice offers several eye-catching ways to personalize your craft ice to suit your wedding:

  • Choose Botanical Cubes to incorporate floral elements and reflect your weddings' flowers and colors.
  • Herbal Cubes let you freeze the drink’s garnish directly into the cube, adding a touch of greenery and a fresh taste as the cube melts.
  • Have your ice stamped with your name, initials, or other imagery for a beautiful, and totally Instagrammable, detail.

The Paper Goods

Let the paper goods at your wedding, from the invitations and RSVPs to your ceremony programs, tell a story that’s customized to you.

You could include a map with the invite that helps guests find the venue while telling the story of your romance by marking the site of your first date or where you got engaged.

Or, take a creative approach to your programs. Tailor them to your wedding’s colors, or get more creative and use a unique idea like printing them on paper bags to fill with confetti or popcorn, print them on paper fans to cool guests at an outdoor summer soiree, or design your program to look like a magazIne.

The Aisle

Your aisle sets the stage for your ceremony, making it the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to your wedding.

Think beyond a simple roll of fabric to choose something that fits your day. You might choose a monogrammed runner featuring your names, a colorful display of flower petals or greenery, mismatched rugs, or even wooden planks.

The Colors

It can be tempting to pick classic neutrals or current trendy shades for your wedding’s color pallet. However, for a personal vibe don’t be shy about venturing beyond traditional colors.

Choose unique colors that you feel drawn to, whether that means making a statement in black or choosing a vibrant, multi-colored pallet.

The Centerpieces

Personalizing your centerpieces adds a custom feel to your reception. If you’re not the flower type, opt for modern options like elegant glass terrariums, cacti, fruit bowls, or geodes. You could even create centerpieces that display your favorite photos for a truly personal feel.

The Favors

Finally, send your guests home with favors to remind them of your touching and personal wedding celebration.

Personalize your wedding favors by stamping your name or initials on them, or choosing favors that tie into the theme of your wedding or a favored hobby or pastime. Tea drinkers might send guests home with a personalized tea bag, or remind guests of your elegant garden wedding with a personalized jar of honey.

Your wedding is a memorable reflection on your love story and a way to celebrate the new journey you and your partner are embarking on. Reach out to one of Block Ice’s ten favorite Northern California wedding planners to bring your personalized vision to life.