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The Cold


Spotted in a Glass Near You

Block Ice

Ice is often overlooked as a main ingredient in a craft cocktail, yet it makes up roughly 30%-40% of the recipe. When you need to elevate your cocktail program, don’t overlook the ice. Our handcrafted artisan Block Ice is filtered six times through a reverse osmosis system, removing all impurities and air bubbles. It is then frozen for over 36 hours, after which it is hand-cut and processed to create an elegant, perfect cube  that will enhance any drink.

Craft ice is clean, pure, and slow melting, allowing you to create a high-end drink where the first sip and the last will be equally delectable. Furthermore, the ice is perfectly clear, making your drinks as beautiful as they are delicious. Create a cocktail program your guests will be raving about with The Block Ice .


Enjoy beautiful, crystal clear ice available in a variety of sizes, from cubes to Collins spears. Make an impression, by adding your logo for a full brand experience. Our handcrafted stamps will add a personal touch to every cocktail.


Crafted over a week-long process to remove every impurity for crystal-clear ice that won’t water down or add unwanted flavor to high-end cocktails.


Our ice is hand-cut at our facility here in Northern California and available for delivery or pickup locally. We’re proud to serve Sacramento’s favorite local establishments.

Glass of amber colored liquor being chilled by a single cube of Block Ice.

our story

Block Ice was founded with a craftsman’s eye and appreciation for the elegance of clear craft ice. We strive for uncompromised quality and striking beauty with every cube.